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We are a staff and crew training and recruiting agency based in Serbia

We will help you to get emplyment in a world's top cruise companies

Staff and Crew Recruitment Agency

We are young, dynamically growing agency managed by professionals with a respectable background in cruise industry. We are fully aware of high standards of providing a hospitality services and all the requirements that are mandatory for smooth hotel operations.

Our main objective is to provide a qualified and experienced Staff and Crew for hotels, cruise ships, ship-owners and management companies worldwide. We are committed to provide the highest-quality service to our corporate clients as well as to our employment candidates.

We maintain the highest standards of recruitment, and we understand that the recruitment of well-qualified and trained crew members is of vital importance for efficient service. We recognize the importance of customer satisfaction and for us is crucial that applicants are fully aware of it as well.

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Monday - Friday
9.00am - 5.00pm


Zmaj Jove Jovanovica 1,
Pancevo, Serbia


cell: +381 65 2 333 190

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